Online Psychology Degree

 St. Andrews Online Psychology Degree

Online Psychology DegreeStudents who enrolled in the St. Andrews online psychology degree will complete a contract major in General Psychology.  A total of 45 credits are required for the major.  A minimum of Twenty-one (21) credits must be earned through St. Andrews University online program.

In keeping with the mission of the University, the Psychology program seeks to provide all students a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to human behavior and attitudes, and to assist in the development of interpersonal communication skills that contribute to the students’ ability to become active and responsible members of their communities. The program prepares majors to enter graduate school in psychology or related fields, to enter professional training programs, or to obtain employment in a wide variety of fields in which they can apply the knowledge, research experience and analytical skills learned in their program. The Psychology program provides majors both a breadth of knowledge in a wide range of fields within the discipline of psychology and depth of knowledge in a specific area.

Students enrolled in the Online program may complete a contract major in General Psychology. A total of 45 credits are required in the major field.

Summary of Requirements for the Bachelors of Arts in Psychology

Required Courses
Course Number Course name Credits
Math 225 or Bus 252 Statistics 3
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology 3
PSY 335 Organizational Behavior 3
PSY445 History and Systems 3
Additional Requirements
Three Courses from the Following: 9
PSY 220 Child and Adolescent Dev
PSY 232 Biopsychology
PSY 244 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 260 Psychology in Legal Text
Three Courses from the Following: 9
PSY 314 Counseling Psychology
PSY 433 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 434 Perception
PSY 438 Applied Psychology
PSY 440 Psychology of Persuasion and Influence
Three Courses from the Following: 9
PSY 325 Drugs and Behavior
PSY 331 Social Psychology
PSY 337 Personality Theory and Research
PSY 343 Learning and Motivation
PSY 202 Research Methods in Psychology
Cognate Area: 6
Supporting course credits in Psychology or approved electives


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