Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems is designed to prepare the graduate with skills in information systems andmanagement for an entry-level position that could lead to a career in a variety of IS positions.

The student will develop skills with typical “office” software packages, basic networking and operating systems, relational database design and programming, basic web design, structured programming using one or more high-level programming languages, systems analysis and design, team management, and a fundamental knowledge of the organizational structure.Courses in the program are designed around realistic business problems and hands-on experience with both hardware and software. As the graduate expands his/her knowledge and skills with specific software and systems, and develops important experience; career opportunities widens into positions, such as systems/network administrator, programmer, systems designer, systems analyst, systems engineer, or MIS manager.

Summary of Requirements for the Bachelor or Science Degree in Computer Information Systems

Required Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 111 English Composition I 3
ENG 112 English Composition II 3
ENG 330 Foundations of Rhetoric 3
MAT 121 College Algebra 3
SBS 250 Psychology 3
Humanities Electives 6
Social Science Electives 3
Science Electives 3
Mathematics or Science Elective 3
General Education Elective 3
Business Core 36 Credits
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 210 Career Development 3
BUS 310 Business Statistics 3
BUS 350 Business Law 3
CIS 101 Intro to Computers 3
CIS 240 Computer Appl. In Business 3
CIS 270 Advanced Spreadsheet App in Business 3
ECO 241 Microeconomics 3
ECO 242 Macroeconomics 3
FIN 360 Principles of Finance 3
MGT 250 Principles of Management 3
MKT 250 Principles of Marketing 3
Area of Concentration and Tailored Electives to Include an additional computer course 48
Total Requirements 120 Credits



Computer Information Systems Concentration Courses

Computer Information Systems
30 Credits
CIS 260 Operating Systems & Tech
CIS 295 Presentation Management
CIS 320 Information Systems
CIS 340 Web Design for E-Commerce
CIS 360 Data Comm. in IS
CIS 435 Visual Basic Programming
CIS 440 DB Design & SQL Programming
CIS 455 Internships in CIS
CIS 470 Programming using C#
CIS 499 Seminar in Information Systems

To enhance your CIS major, students are encouraged to take:

  • MAT 320 Business Calculus as the math/science elective (offered every Spring). This course in calculus is not as rigourous as a 2-term calculus sequence for mathematics, physics, or engineering students. You will learn basic calculus concepts that can be applied to business applications. The process of learning business calculus will strengthen your knowledge of basic financial relationships – especially in non-linear situations, which is more typical in the real world. The prerequisite for this course is MAT 121.
  • ENG 240 Technical Writing as a humanities or tailored elected (offered every other year in the Spring).
  • ENG 40 Publication Design and Editing as a humanities or tailored elective. As an Information Systems (IS) professional, you will be expected to create technical documents, including user manuals. These courses will help you to improve your document design and professional writing skills.

The suggested course sequence for the Computer Information Systems program is a follows:

Year I
Fall Semester Winter Semester
CIS 101 – Introduction to Computers CIS 270 – Adv. Spreadsheet App in Bus
ENG 111 – English Comp. I ENG 112 – English Comp. II
MAT 121 – College Algebra ECO 241 – Microeconomics
Humanities Elective SBS 250 – Psychology
General Education Elective Math/Science Elective
Year II
Fall Semester Winter Semester
CIS 295 – Presentation Management CIS 260 – Op. Systems & Tech.
ACC 201 – Financial Accounting CIS 340 – Web Design for E-Commerce
ECO 242 – Macroeconmics ACC 202 – Managerial Accounting
BUS 210 – Career Development MKT 250 – Principles of Marketing
MGT 250 – Prin of Management ENG 280 – Foundations of Rhetoric
Year III
Fall Semester Winter Semester
CIS 360 – Data Comm. In IS CIS 320 – Information System
BUS 310 – Business Statistics ENG 330 – Writing Professionally
General Education Elective FIn 360 – Principles of Finance
Humanities Elective Science Elective
Tailored Elective Tailored Elective
Year IV
Fall Semester Winter Semester
CIS 435 – Visual Basic Prog CIS 499 – Seminar in Information Systems
BUS 350 – Business Law CIS 470 – Program using C#
CIS 440 – DB Design and SQL Prog. CIS 455 – Internship
Tailored Elective Tailored Elective
Tailored Elective Tailored Elective
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