Interdisciplinary Studies

In support of the mission of the University, the purpose of the interdisciplinary studies major is to permit students to profit from the study of the full breadth of a liberal arts and sciences curriculum, as an end in itself as well as to complement and provide a context for the study of a particular discipline. The major may draw on courses in the natural and health sciences, mathematics, fine arts, humanities, and the social sciences. It allows students to explore and appreciate the ways in which diverse disciplines, schools of thought, modes of inquiry, and cultures fit into the rich fabric of human nature and self-expression. Intellectual, cultural, social, political, scientific, artistic, literary, and religious interactions and influences within a given era and from age to age are studied. Depth of knowledge and understanding is gained through progressively advanced study in several disciplines, rather than in a single discipline. The major in Interdisciplinary Studies is a contract major, constructed by students in consultation with their adviser, and subject to the approval of their respective coordinators. Learning outcomes and a statement of purpose are developed for each individual contract.



The program prepares majors to enter graduate school in psychology or related fields, to enter professional training programs, or to obtain employment in a wide variety of fields in which they can apply the knowledge, research experience and analytic skills learned in their program. The Psychology program provides majors both a breadth of knowledge in a wide range of fields within the discipline of psychology and depth of knowledge in a specific area.

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